Greg Hurst CAI

Greg Hurst is the principal broker, owner, and auctioneer.  He has been in the real estate and auction business since 2007.  Greg can be contacted at 423-748-6955 (call or text) or by emailing

Margie Wright

Margie Wright came on board in April 2015.  She has been in real estate since 2007 as well.  Margie had a major health crisis in 2014 which she over came and is excited to jump back into her real estate career full time.  Margie can be contacted at 423-312-9220 (call/text) or email

Ethan Hurst

Ethan can be contacted at 423-307-4119 (call/text) or email

Wayne Baker

Wayne can be contacted at 423-967-4030 (call/text) or email

Eric Keck

Eric can be contacted at 423-526-3267 (call/text) or email