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Todays complex real estate world requires a full service real estate company that can provide expertise in mutliple area's. Our team is dedicated to providing the best service availabe to each client, whether buying or selling.

Photo of Greg Hurst

Greg Hurst

Greg Hurst is the broker,and auctioneer.  He has been in the real estate and auction business since 2007.  Greg can be contacted at 423-748-6955 (call or text) or by emailing greg@hurstauctions.com

Photo of Margie Wright

Margie Wright

Margie Wright came on board in April 2015.  She has been in real estate since 2007 as well.  Margie had a major health crisis in 2014 which she over came and is excited to jump back into her real estate career full time.  Margie can be contacted at 423-312-9220 (call/text) or email lakewayarea@gmail.com

Photo of Ethan Hurst

Ethan Hurst

Ethan can be contacted at 423-258-4219 (call/text) or email ethan@hurstauctions.com

Photo of Eric Keck

Eric Keck

Eric can be contacted at 423-526-3267 (call/text) or email keck8560@gmail.com

Photo of Debbie Winstead coming soon!

Debbie Winstead

Debbie can be contacted at 423-307-6515  (call/text) or email debbiewinsteadur@gmail.com

Photo of Carolyn Standifer coming soon!

Carolyn Standifer

Carolyn can be contacted at  423-312-9566 (call/text) or email carolynss@comcast.net

Photo of Chris Simmons coming soon!

Chris Simmons

  • Real Estate Agent

  • 423-307-9190

Chris can be contacted at 423-307-9190

Photo of Coty Burton coming soon!

Coty Burton

Coty can be contacted at 423-736-9694 (call/text) or email coty.burton@yahoo.com

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