Hurst Auction offers an accelerated sales solution that allows you the ability to take control of the market and sell on your timeline. Some of the advantages of selling at auction are:


PROPERTY SPOTLIGHT: The focus is on your property alone. Your property stands out from other listings. Concentrated marketing and a sense of urgency generates more intense interest and makes your property highly visible. It is event oriented, creating a “spotlight” on your property.

OPEN PUBLIC BIDDING: All perspective buyers are competing fairly and on a level playing field eliminating the negotiation process. Auctions can be conducted both on & off site, and live & online. Terms and conditions are available prior to the auction eliminating the unknown. The property sells as-is without contingencies for inspections & financing.

COMPETITION: Auctions generate excitement and stimulate buyers to act now. When a property is at the peak of desirability auctions produce the best results. An auction establishes the true market value of real estate at a specific point of time. Finding multiple buyers may not be difficult but capitalizing on that competition is our specialty. Auctions delivery the highest obtainable sales price by competitive bidding with no limit on upside potential.

SENSE OF URGENCY: The seller determines the date and time the property will sell. By having a set date and time this motivates the buyer to act now. Auctions also provide a quick turnaround time for the seller delivering results within 30-60 days.


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