Buying with Hurst Auction

Buying at auction offer several key benefits to the buyers. Auction produces fair market value through competitive bidding, allowing you, the buyer, to make a smart buying decision with a seller that is committed to sell. Buyers determine the market value. Auctions provide for a timely purchase and eliminate long negotiation periods. As a buyer, you can rest easy knowing that you are competing fairly and on a level playing field. We offers  several options to meet the needs of todays bidders. Auctions may offer both live and online bidding, from any mobile device, desktop, laptop, and tablets as well. .

What are the advantages of buying at auction?

  • Speed of process
  • Efficiency of process
  • Transparency of process
  • Consumers can set their own price
  • Consumer know exactly what they are getting
  • Opportunity to purchase items at the price they want to pay

Some useful tips when attending an auction:

  • Show Up Early and Register and Complete Paperwork
  • Examine Items You Plan to Bid On
  • Understand the Terms & Conditions of the Auction
  • Listen Closely to the Auctioneer and Be Prepared to Bid

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